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Beau on his fishing trip

Beau at Ocean Downs Raceway

Beau Cowan, 16 years old, of Lakeland, FL.
Our first to benefit from Dream Catchers, USA

He wants to show others like himself that they too can lead productive lives, and enjoy outdoor sports with confidence. During his trip to Ocean City, Maryland, CBS Television Anchor Heather Vidal of the Sunday Morning Show "MY WORLD" came out to the track to interview Beau. He spent a full day at Ocean Downs - in Berlin, Maryland with Harness Racing trainer Bobbie Blanton and his family followed by a day of fishing with his Mom. This trip was made possible by International Sound Corp.'s videographer, Richard Duncan, Best Western -Flagship Hotel of Ocean City Maryland, Moments In Time Owner Nancy J. Copeland, Kyle Kelley, and Captain John Runkle with the Magic Marlin II and crew at Ocean City, Maryland Fishing Center.

Stanley Harrison Jr. with 8 pt. buck

Stanley Harrison Jr. of Alum Creek West Virginia is a total quadriplegic born with cerebral palsy. On his Dream Catcher's Hunt with guide Cord Hayes of Dream Mountain - West Virginia. He harvested an 8 point 200 # Whitetail Buck taken with his Remington 30.06 modified with SR-77 attachments that allows him to sight in with his head and use a mouth piece trigger mechanism.

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Jason Z. Lowery, 27 of NW rural Alabama with his Black Bear

Jason Z. Lowery, 27 of NW rural Alabama, with his Black Bear taken on his Father Son hunt at Northland Guide Service. He joined his father in Newark, NJ. and went to Alton, Maine for his Father-Son Dream Hunt and Co-hosted by Cofounder Paul Malicky, his wife Lynn and daughter KC, along with Board Officer John Cannon. He took this bear from his ground blind with his Remington 742 Woodsmaster 30.06. It was the first time he had been hunting since his near fatal motorcycle accident in 1999 which has left him a paraplegic. Once an avid hunter and outdoorsman, he thought he would never be hunting again, (not even rabbits or squirrels), let alone going out for a bear!

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Ray Lyon's Elk hunt

Ray Lyon's Elk hunt was CO hosted by area rep. Hunting Guide Rich Childs and Dream Catcher's Rob Cook at Wolf Creek, CO. Ray has Lupus and recently cancer took the vision from one eye and the vision in the other also is affected. He wants to live each day that he has to the fullest. To hunt for elk has been a dream of his which turned into a bonus experience, especially when coupled with the fact it is given him by friends he has only met by chatting in a favorite Internet chat room on one of their favorite subjects ... hunting! That's Rob stretched out in the center against one of the elk taken on this hunting trip. Ray is pictured there with some of his newly acquired hunting friends and most of Rich Child's family!

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Heather's wish was to take her Dad and Grandfather fishing for a day

18 year old Heather's wish was to take her Dad and Grandfather fishing for a day! Her Wish was granted at Scenic Bay Resort in Mille Lacs Lake, MN. and Co-hosted by owners Tim and Tina Chapman with Dream Catcher Gary Kluender and his friend Erick and Capt. Chapman's first mate Matt. Heather was in Hospice and this is something she wanted to do since through her childhood she had been spent some wonderful times fishing with her Dad and Grandpa.

Walter Lee Bo Sutherland

Walter "Lee Bo" Sutherland, 21 was surprised beyond his wildest dreams. When his Mother passed away he didn't have anymore Family able to care for him. Born with Cerebral Palsy he cannot talk, and has to be fed through a feeding tube as well. He was placed into a full care nursing home by the state of Tennessee. One of his nurses asked us if there was a way we could help get him some real photos of real wrestlers since he noticed "LeeBo" tore them from magazines and never missed SMACK DOWN on TV! A phone call was made to ask for some autographed photos to Scott Russell more recognized as the bad guy of Pro Wrestling named "Scotty Ace" the Riverboat Gambler. Scotty put in a few calls to some wrestling friends and before long LeeBo's room was transformed to WRESTLE MANIA with Tee Shirts, Caps, a full size poster of the ROCK and a Beach Towel of Steve Austin. Then the big Surprise, Scotty's phone call offering to bring LeeBo's favorite sport to him. He and 10 others brought their TV show's team to the small farming community of Lawrenceburg, TN. At the gymnasium they put on their entire show for him LIVE. The highlight of the evening was them lifting "LeeBo" from his chair taking him into the ring and placing a replica of the championship Golden Belt on him. That's him in his autographed shirt put on him at the beginning of their program with his arm raised at the match with a rare treat for us all ( HE YELLED! ) and made a sound of pure joy making us all smile with him!

A Day of deep sea fishing for Father and son John Skelton and his 12 year old son Josh

A Day of deep sea fishing for Father and Son John Skelton and his 12 year old son Josh. Photo taken at sunset as they pulled into Dipshipski's Carriage House and Docks at Ocean City, MD. The largest blue fish caught at sea and one of the flounder taken in the Cheasapeake Bay. John received three purple hearts before medically retiring from the USMC after a vicious firefight in Viet Nam which left him disabled. Cohosted by Richard Duncan and friends along with disabled vet Donald H. Bland of NC with Dream Catcher's USA and the help of Capt. Jack Boender, Best Western -Flagship Hotel of Ocean City Maryland, and Stren who surprised us all with their Instant Impact Line of Deep Sea Fishing products, from the first mate to the Vets which was fed-exed to the hotel and awaited our arrival.

Edward Hiryak of Pennsylvania and Outdoorwriter Bob Clark

Photo - Left to Right: Edward Hiryak of Pennsylvania and Outdoorwriter Bob Clark.
PA Man Catches His Dream By Jim Slinsky.
It seems good stories are always long stories. I suppose that if things happened quickly and didn’t involve a half dozen people and their emotions, they wouldn’t be good stories. Rather, they would be short stories. Edward Hiryak of Sharpsville, PA is a very sick man. No one knows for certain how long Edward will be with us.

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